Cleanroom Spillex de Vileda

Ánade presents Cleanroom SpillEx, a disposable super absorbing floor cloth , for use in cleanrooms, for fast spill removal of a wide range of water based liquids from hard floors e.g. blood in operation theatres, urine in elderly homes or to quickly remove dropped liquids in filling processes. Cleanroom SpillEx ensures fast, safe removal of liquids before actual floor mopping takes place. The amount of liquid capable of being retained depends on the type of spillage. In normal conditions one unit of Cleanroom SpillEx can absorb around 1.2L water or 0.5L urine

How to use Cleanroom Spillex:
1. Place SpillEx on the spillage, with the absorbent unprinted side down.
2. Pick up SpillEx from the top film.
3. Cleanroom SpillEx puede can be disposed in regular containers.

In case of polluting liquid, follow the internally established protocol for the elimination of infectious residues.
Cleanroom SpillEx is the problem solver! Spillages can cause reasonable problems. In cleanrooms or controlled environments, they are likely to cause slips if not quickly removed. Spillages generally require either a bulky mop system or a large number of costly cloths that may not absorb well. In animal investigation lab stations, animal urine in floors or work benches requires a fast and hygenic elimination. There is no need to worry, there is a solution for cleanrrom spillage problems-Cleanroom Spillex. .*also available in sterilized version

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