Microcontrol Mop

Vileda Professional MicroControl Mop – maximum control of pollution at an efficient cost. MicroControl is a 100% long-lasting microfiber mop for cleanroom scrubbing. It allows the user to clean floors, walls and roofs with a single utensil and minimum effort – it guarantees a pollution control on a micro-scale level. Its results in high quality cleaning make it ideal for controlled areas, where its usage surface is up to 20 m2/mop. The mop’s border is a patented design that simplifies cleaning even along baseboards during the floor cleaning process.

Several lab tests assure the Vileda system is “completely suitable” for controlling pollution in an efficient way, even in critical environments.

MicroControl by Vileda Profesional:

-Designed for use in cleanrooms up to ISO class 5/GMP A+B (Helmke-Drum, ranking Cat.II – IEST-RP-CC-003-87-T)
-Durability test (200 wash-cycles and 50 decontamination/sterilisation cycles )
-Chemical resistance test.
-Reports from independent institutes that prove its cleaning efficiency.
-All components of the system support both autoclave, ETO and gamma irradiated sterilization.

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