LTP125TOC swabs by Berkshire

Ideal for low TOC environments.

In the pharmaceutic products manufacturing industry, a strict compliance of the cleaning and polluting norms is required. After all, pollution can give birth to problems regarding product quality or patients’ health. A common method for validating the cleaning in a controlled environment is taking a sample from the surface of the equipment, often using a sampling polyester swab and measuring/identifying those particles being captured by the swab’s head. This sample will measure and identify the total organic carbon (TOC) in the sampling space.

The new Berkshire® Lab-Tip Low-TOC Swab ( LTP125TOC ) is ideal for these type of TOC analysis scenarios. It’s TOC levels are very low (<50 ppb) and are accompanied by Conformity Certificates (available online by batch number) Advantages and characteristics. These swabs have a wider head and a contoured handle in order to maximize the surface covered with one single pass as well as a polyester head designed specifically for TOC validation tests. It also has a notch in the handle to make the breaking for disposal easier. It is designed for medical devices manufacturing environments, in vitro diagnostics, pharmaceutical environments and semiconductor industries.

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