Drop-Down Sterilized Overall.

S-BDSH – Disposable non-static drop-down overall with hood. Its unique design offers the world’s first truly aseptic technical garment. This new product distributed by ÁNADE is recommended for use in ISO 4 or above cleanrooms. It features an innovative drop-down wearing system that minimizes contact of the garment with the exterior. It is made of CleanTough fabric. Among this fabric’s characteristics stand out its ability to release barely no lint at all, being sterile, disposable and antistatic. It has inner coloured flaps to indicate safe contact points and therefore avoid touching the outside surface. Its innovative design makes it easier to wear and eliminates the risk of touching the floor. The fast-releasing flaps are strategically placed in order to hold them and release them after the zipper has been closed. After the clothing procedure, the zipper is closed and the flaps are removed, ensuring an aseptic wear.

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